No More Football….

Here are a couple of quick items on the NBA for the coming weekend’s dates.

Utah Jazz’s Jerry Sloan Resigns

The Utah Jazz’s head coach of twenty-three years abruptly resigned today leading to speculation in the sports world on what is behind it.  Some pundits are saying that Sloan lost a power struggle with the Jazz’s star player Deron Williams.  There will be more news on this over the coming days so keep an eye out.

Carmelo Anthony’s Trade Request

A quick and dirty run down on this will allow for conversation on any pending Carmelo Anthony trade.  Carmelo Anthony’s team, the Denver Nuggets, offered Anthony a three year $65 million contract extension last year, which he has yet to sign.  Carmelo, husband of MTV’s LaLa Vasquez, will be a free agent at the end of this season and has expressed a desire to play for the New York Knicks.  Anthony is originally from Brooklyn so for a while the New Jersey Nets tried to play the Carmelo sweepstakes in hopes they could acquire Anthony and convince him to sign an extension with them before they move to Brooklyn in two years.  Since the trade fell through and the Nets removed themselves from the running, other teams like the Knicks and the Lakers have been linked to Anthony.  Even though the deadline is still two weeks away, Anthony has begun to waiver on his unwillingness to sign an extension with Denver, saying that it’s something he would consider if  no trade forms in the coming weeks.  Staying up to date on this over the next two weeks should make for some simple talking points until there is resolution at the trading deadline.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Boston Celtics

If your man is a Celtics fan then chances are he will be excited about shooting guard Ray Allen becoming the NBA’s all time leader in three point shots made.   Allen is one of the smoothest players you will ever have the opportunity to see play, so sit down and watch a Celtics game with your beau sometime.  Besides, he did play Jesus Shuttlesworth in the late ‘90s movie He Got Game.

Outside of Ray Allen setting the record, there are a few good conversation pieces coming out of this rematch of the 2008 and 2010 NBA Finals.  The Lakers are an excellent team with a deep bench.  It goes without saying, but Kobe Bryan is scary good.  Kobe Bryant was able to sit on the bench and rest for the first seven minutes of the fourth quarter and then come in fresh to close out the game.  That is only made possible by a well-formed team with good depth, which is something the Lakers certainly have.  The rotation includes Kardashian-in-Law Lamar Odom who can play anywhere on the basketball court.  His versatility allows the Lakers to at times field a lineup with three players over 6’10”, a benefit that greatly helped the Lakers defeat Boston in the finals last year.  During the game tonight Lamar Odom showed some major toughness when his teammate inadvertently tried to take a bite out of his forehead.  Luckily for the Lakers, Odom received some stitches on the bench and came right back into the game to contribute to the Lakers’ victory.

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