Now What Nashville?

If your date this weekend is a Tennessee Titans fan, the last two days have probably completely turned his life upside down.  You can show your knowledge of the Jeff Fisher/Titans divorce after 17 years of solid coaching and results if you know some of the back-story from the last few years.  There are a couple individual with roles here, specifically owner Bud Adams, coach Jeff Fisher, and exiled quarterback Vince Young.

Bud Adams is the elderly owner of the Titans who moved the team from Houston to prior to the 1998 season.  Adams maintains his offices in the Houston area and has continued to hold team meetings there in the off seasons.  He is also an elderly fellow exhibiting sure signs of senility as evidenced by his flipping off fans after a game last season.  Adams, with his deep Texas roots chose a quarterback from Texas in the 2006 NFL draft who just so happened to be from the Houston area.

Vince Young was the third player selected in the draft despite some serious question marks surrounding his maturity and intellect (Young reportedly scored an alarmingly low score on an aptitude test used by NFL teams when evaluating prospects).  The Titans brought Young in despite those shortcomings and he led them to a playoff birth in his rookie season.  Young has had some issues with injury and immaturity prompting his coach to notify the police at one point, worried for the quarterback’s well being when he dropped off the grid after being booed by fans and injured in a game two years ago.  Within the last year, Vince Young has been involved in a fight in a Dallas strip club and had a post game tirade when he threw his pads into the stands after a loss in which Fisher had benched him.  The final straw was his post game meltdown when Fisher essentially banished Young from the Titans’ facilities.

All of these transgressions surely must have irked Jeff Fisher; a no frills coach who, until his resignation this week, was the longest tenured coach in the NFL. Many NFL experts expressed a belief that either Vince Young or Jeff Fisher would return to the Titans in 2011, but not both.  Most assumed with Adams’ announcement that Vince Young would not rejoin the team for the 2011 season that Fisher would remain coach for at least one more year; however this week’s announcement certainly changed that.  There is a lot of speculation about who will be the next coach, why Fisher and the Titans are parting ways, as well as whether or not Vince Young will return now that Fisher is gone.

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