The Knee

This week the only NFL home game is the Pro Bowl, but the true conversation pieces lie outside of a meaningless game.  With the Super Bowl only one week away, the focus remains on the NFL this week and a brief topic.  Another post will come out this weekend about the NFL labor negotiations.

Jay Cutler’s Knee

A lot was made during the Bear’s NFC Championship game by announcers and NFL players about his early exit due to an apparent knee injury, and while his attitude has long been under scrutiny some of the comments made may have been a bit over the top.  Jacksonville Jaguars running back openly doubted during the game whether or not Cutler should have come out.  Other current and former NFL stars like Deion Sanders openly questioned Cutler’s toughness.

Despite the uproar over his knee, Kristin Cavallari’s boyfriend proved to not be quite the softy many made him out to be.   Turns out he had a severely sprained MCL in his knee, preventing him from protecting himself on the football field.

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