Loud Mouths and Dirty Players

Tomorrow bring us the NFL Conference Championship games which will decide who plays in the Super Bowl in Dallas.  I’ll run through some quick talking points for each game that you can use on dates tonight or while watching the games tomorrow.  This will be split into two posts.

New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers

When the Jets and the Steelers played in December the Jets won a close game, but that can be thrown out the window.  The Jets are playing extremely well right now, as are the Steelers.  The main talking points aside from the game itself focus on a few key individuals and their loud mouths.  We’ll run through those now.

Much has been made over this season over the Jets’ bravado and frat boy ways, but the Steelers have been in the news since Ben Roethlisberger’s alleged assault in Georgia bar bathroom.  While that apparently scared him straight onto the path to redemption (see the great ESPN article here), some of the other Steelers players have been in the news.  James Harrison is a fierce linebacker for the Steelers with a reputation for big hits and a big mouth.  He’s been fined $100,000 this season for illegal tackles to the heads of quarterbacks and defenseless wide receivers.

The Jets’ brash starts with their head coach and goes right on down through the players.  After the game last week one of the Jets Linebackers went berserk during a post game interview.   Yesterday Antonio Cromartie didn’t quite say that he thinks Pittsburgh’s Hines Ward is a dirty player – except that he did.

All the Jets seem to do is trash talk.  It all makes for a funny conversations and a hyped up atmosphere at game time.  This all amounts to grade school bullies tossing Yo Mama Jokes back and forth at each other for hours before they meet at 3:30pm underneath the big oak tree on the playground.  This should be a pretty game, so enjoy talking about it with your dates and friends!


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