NFL Wild Card Playoffs

The NFL Playoffs start this weekend, which means there is a lot to talk about with four games scheduled.  The Wild Card games begin Saturday afternoon and will go on into Sunday night.  There will be some good football this weekend and men everywhere are bound to be watching, so have fun watching the games and see what you can contribute!

New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks:

Is there a Kardashian Kurse on Reggie Bush and the Saints?  No seriously, is there?   Think back to before last year’s Super Bowl when rumors came up about a Saints victory leading to a Reggie-Kim nuptial.   Kardashians are good luck charms for athletes.  Reggie Bush and the Saints won the Super Bowl.  Lamar Odom did marry a Kardashian (Khloe, my personal favorite…what? She’s funny.), and the Lakers won the NBA Title.  So anyway, after Reggie and Kim called it quits (for real this time), Bush broke his leg in the season’s second week and missed a lot of important games this season.  For selfish reasons, hopefully there is no Kardashian Kurse on the Saints and they can defeat the Seahawks with ease.

The top two Saints running backs have been placed on IR (Injured Reserve), meaning they will not be available to play at all in the playoffs.  Seattle also has some injury issues, especially at quarterback where their starter has been replaced due to injury.  The Saints and Seahawks played the Sunday before Thanksgiving and the Saints won 34-19.  In that game, the Saints led for majority of the time, but did allow Seattle to get closer before slamming the door on any possible comeback.  Hopefully the Saints get the same result as last time.

Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles

The Green Bay Packers won their spot in the playoffs by beating the Chicago Bears last weekend.  They are playing excellent football and have both a great quarterback in Aaron Rodgers and a stellar defense.  Generally a high caliber QB and Defense are pillars of playoff success, but Green Bay, like the Saints, lacks a consistent running game.

The Philadelphia Eagles are an explosive team with Michael Vick at quarterback and a number of explosive players on offense.  Their defense, on the other hand, has not played well in weeks.   Michael Vick is a hot button issue for a lot of people, but no matter what you think about him, watch him on a football field without thinking about his criminal past and just enjoy the show.

New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts

This is a rematch of last year’s AFC Championship Game, so there are some great conversation pieces stemming from this game.  First and foremost it is a rematch of last year’s AFC Championship Game.  The Jets coach, Rex Ryan, is a notorious loudmouth, and called out Peyton Manning (Colts QB) last year prior to the game, which resulted in a Manning smackdown on the field.  This year he has been complimentary of Manning and the Colts but has managed to find himself at the center of a few different scandals.  For one, the Jets harassed a female sports reporter in their locker room and were reprimanded by the league.  Later in the season there was the infamous “Trip Gate” in which a Jets assistant coach tripped a player for the Dolphins.  If you really want to show your knowledge of current sports events bring up the Rex Ryan foot-fetish videos.

Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs

There isn’t much going on in this game, I will defer to my father-in-law when he says “Hey Ravens fans, I quoth you!”  Go Chiefs!

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