NFL Playoffs Intro

NFL Playoff Primer

Some quick background information on the NFL Playoffs might be really helpful to some of you, so let’s lay the foundation for some great conversation pieces.

Playoff seeding:

There are 32 NFL teams split into two conferences – the AFC and the NFC.  Each conference has four divisions with four or five teams in each.  Six teams in each conference get to be in the playoffs.  The winners of each of the four divisions (East, North, South, and West) are the 1-4 seeds and the two teams with the next best records are the wild card teams.  The top two teams don’t have games during “Wild Card Weekend” but always play during the Divisional round.

Home Field Advantage:

The team with the better record gets to host the playoff game.  You hear a lot about “Home Field Advantage”, especially in the playoffs as to its effect on the game.  The home team gets a bump from their fans and their familiarity with the field and stadium.  The home fans make it hard for the away team’s offense to hear with all of the loud screaming.  Teams like New Orleans, Atlanta, and Indianapolis who play in domes benefit greatly from home field advantage because it gets very loud when 65,000 fans are screaming in unison at the opposing team.

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