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Dating is a funny thing right?  Feeling out a person’s interests and taboo topics presents awkward challenges for both men and women alike.  I’m certainly no person to be dishing out dating advice, but wouldn’t the whole single scene be a little easier if there were a simple common ground to discuss over dinner or even just to serve as a simple icebreaker?  As a female in the dating arena, would you rather have the some fool come up to you and ask you “How much does a polar bear weigh?” or take the first step and ask what he thought about Michael Vick’s performance in the first Tuesday night football game since the 1940s?  Guys have a major fear of rejection.  Ladies like to be wooed by a “Prince Charming” but let’s face it, that doesn’t happen too often.  If you see someone you want to talk to why make goo-goo eyes across a bar or college classroom when you can be proactive about your dating future?  I’m not saying that you won’t be wooed later, but taking ownership of the situation can only enhance your chances.  The ability to hold your own in a conversation relevant to the XY chromosome makes you much more attractive to men and allows you to stick around in the long term.


I mean, you don’t have to read what I write, but you could also end up as the crazy cat lady or better yet, start dating the creepy weirdo who doesn’t like sports – it’s your call.  Gents are more likely to keep you around if you take interest in what they like instead of continuously trying to steer the conversation towards ballet or interior design.  Now I’m by no means advocating giving up all hope of finding and staying with someone who enjoys sports as well as ballet, opera, interior design, and fine dining, but the reality is that you have to take interest to get a return.


So here’s the premise…I’m going to write about sports on a regular basis.  My hope is that ladies of all ages, single or not, read and use the simple sports facts and opinions as conversation pieces with guys.  With the plethora of sports options currently available, the focus will be the NFL until the end of the season.  A lot of guys eat, sleep, and breathe football, so why not start with a highly relevant topic?  Look for a post this Friday on the upcoming weekend’s football games, specifically how they relate to the NFL playoffs.


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